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Welcome to our new members!  We're very excited to have you!

This community is dedicated to the planning, coordinating and execution of our Virtual Saturday Morning Cartoon Viewing Party! Kind of like a Civil War Re-enactment Society, only with less guns and more Cookie Crisp cereal.

Imagine this: waking up early on Saturday morning, still in your pajamas, turning on your TV/Computer, and starting a video playlist.  You get the experience as it was, TV shows, commercials, PSAs, educational bits and all!  And just like the 80's, no pausing!  If you want another bowl of Cookie Crisp, you'll have to wait for a commercial break, just like when you were a kid!  Our first Saturday morning community watch-along with live chat is scheduled for September 3rd!  Details coming soon!

So we have a few types of threads around here.  There are some polls, fan pages, and some other discussion threads.  Here's a few key threads you may want to check out.
IT BEGINS! (Details behind the idea.)
Nominations & Limitations (What types of things should be included?)
Best of 1980 Poll
Best of 1981 Poll
Best of 1982 Poll
Best of 1983 Poll
More to come!

We hope you'll have fun reminiscing with us and sharing your stories.  In fact, go ahead and introduce yourselves in the comments and tell us one of your favorite Saturday morning memories!

Your moderators,

[ profile] aurora77 and [ profile] captain_slinky 
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What is it the kids these days say? "Haters gonna hate"? Is that "Jiggy" enough? Am I speaking "Dope"?

The title of the cartoon was just "Scooby-Doo And Scrappy-Doo", and it introduced the world to a cultural MILESTONE known as Scrappy-Doo.

Now I don't have much of an opinion in any direction regarding the entire Scooby-Doonivers of cartoons... Scooby-Doo is not as beloved to me as it is to so many others. To me, Scooby-Doo was a bottom feeder. Channel m7 has College Football, channel 5 has Golf, channel 12 has some religious show on... oh, Scooby-Doo is on channel 4. And since I'm certainly not going to waste this sunny Saturday morning on dragging my fat little 7-year-old butt outside like my Mom keeps saying I should do, I guess I'll watch Scooby-Doo.

Scrappy-Doo was a bit annoying, sure... but no more annoying than a cowardly hippie with an eating disorder and a giant dog with a speech impediment (imho).

Agree? Disagree? Share your own thoughts, opinions and memories in the comments below and hey! If this is one of your favorites? Why not head over there and vote for it in our Best Cartoon of 1980 Poll!
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According to our polls so far, it seems that EVERYBODY loves The Smurfs (Your mileage may vary, no purchase necessary, see store for details). So in the name of SCIENCE and in the name of HISTORICAL ACCURACY, please vote for which season/plot development is your favorite. This will have an effect on our September 3rd Watch-along, so vote wisely!

[Poll #1766159]
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I *still* have not found any video proof that this cartoon ever actually existed, even though it was on NBC from December 8, 1979 to November 15, 1980. Almost an entire YEAR this cartoon was on the air, and nobody on The Internet has proof!

From what I've heard, this may be because each 90-minute episode included less than 5 minutes of "New" footage, and the rest of the show was yet ANOTHER Hannah-Barbera repackaging of 1970's half-hour cartoons. The Toons involved were:

The New Fred & Barney Show

The Schmoo

...And because they had another 30 minutes to fill, I dunno... how about... OOH! THE THING!

(Not the REAL Thing from the Fantastic Four, but the one that many 80's kids vaguely remember. The teenager who had rings which, when he touched them together and said "THING RING DO YOUR THING!" would transform him in to the orange, rocky creature)

My assumption as to why there's no video proof of this show is because NOBODY CARED :(

HOWEVER! Maybe this is your favorite cartoon ever, I dunno. Leave your thoughts, memories and whatnote re: The All New Fred & Barney, The Schmoo and/or The Thing here! Just don't go and vote for it, because I'll NEVER be able to find a video of it :(


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