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Saturday, September 12th 1981, "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends" debuted on NBC's Saturday Morning line-up! Don't you feel REALLY OLD now?

Spider-man, Ice Man and Firestar fought crime from their brownstone apartment all through the 1980's, never having to update their style or design at all. And they gave me some of my biggest Saturday morning thrills EVER when they would bring in other Marvel comics characters. "THAT'S THE X-MEN! THAT'S CAPTAIN AMERICA! OMG I CAN DIE NOW!!!"
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Be careful which Plastic Man cartoon you're voting for! There's a reason why Plastic Man has two different fan pages. This page right here is for the wackier version of the show which was less about fighting crime and more about the adorably wacky antics of "Baby Plas".

I have no idea why, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for this version of Plastic Man :)

Share your memories, stories and other feelings about Plastic Man and/or Baby Plas in the comments below. And if you've a mind to, don't forget to go and vote for this in the Best Cartoon of 1981 Poll!
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The Kid Super-Power Hour With SHAZAM! melted my little 8-year-old mind and further blurred that razor-thin line between Fantasy and Reality. Teenagers dressed up as Super Heroes! And then they turned in to cartoon character for the cartoon parts! And the very first ever CAPTAIN MARVEL CARTOONS! This was a bonding point between my Dad and I... he was decidedly non-nerdy, but had been a Captain Marvel fan when he was a kid (he was an older dude).

If you have anything nice to say, or anything to say at all about this show please feel free to share it in the comments below. And hey, if this is one of your favorites? Be sure to go and vote for it in our Best Cartoon of 1981 Poll!
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1981 saw the premiere of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, a cartoon that stuck around for most of the 1980's in one way or another even if they stopped making new episodes in 1983. It was JUST THAT POPULAR! If you agree with me and think that this cartoon is one of the greatest ever, be sure to go and vote for it in our Best Cartoon of 1981 Poll! And of course if you have anything nice to say about Spidey & Friends, any memories or stories you'd care to share, please go right ahead and leave a few comments below :)
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Now HERE'S an easy to follow cartoon! The Super Globetrotters: World famous basketball performers get super powers, fight crime. Easy!

I remember getting mad at this cartoon because it was more "Globetrotters" than "Super" (I was a Super-Hero addict).

So leave your comments, memories, personal thoughts and whatever in the comment below and don't forget to go and vote for The Super Globetrotters in our Best of 1980 Poll if you feel that it's deserving :)
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There will be two different Fan Pages for Plastic Man... This is for the version of Plastic Man that was semi-serious. It was about fighting crime in a kind of wacky way against kind of wacky villains. But then the Scrappy-Did the show just a few years later by introducing "Baby Plas". But that's a topic for another Fan Page...

Feel free to leave your memories, thought and other comments below and don't forget to vote for this cartoon in our Best of 1980 Poll if it's one of your favorites!


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