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If you're having problems of any kind and can't get through to us on the LiveStream chat, feel free to leave a comment here or on any of today's watch-along posts, I'll be checking on a regular basis throughout the day.

See you there :)
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You may notice that the title of this video is "The New Adventures of Flash Gordon 1979" and wonder why the heck it's being listed in 1982, ESPECIALLY since you probably don't remember seeing this cartoon on Saturday Morning in the 80's! Trust me, it belong here and it has one of my favorite Saturday Morning Behind-The-Scenes tales attached to it :)

Although the character and story of Flash Gordon has been around since 1934, our story begins in 1977 with the release of the movie STAR WARS. As soon as Star Wars made it's first million dollars, Filmation was on it making an animated movie for NBC. NBC *liked* it, but thought it would do better as a Saturday Morning cartoon so the movie was put on a shelf and work on the first season of The Adventures Of Flash Gordon cartoon were begun. Again, NBC *liked* it and even put it on Saturday mornings in 1979, but they hated the serialized "Episode 1, episode 2, etc" nature of the show because it didn't fit with their "Infinite Re-Runs" mode of Saturday Morning Programming (13 episodes, 52 Saturdays, you do the math) and so for the second season they asked for a few changes... changes that took 2 years.

During those two years, the big-screen "Flash Gordon" movie came to theaters, and the original Flash Gordon animated film (no called "Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure Of All" aired in prime-time on NBC the Friday before the new cartoons debuted in September 1982, along with a great "Be sure to watch the FURTHER adventures of Flash Gordon starting tomorrow morning and EVERY Saturday morning right here on NBC".

Unfortunately, NBC's requested changes had been put in to effect and made the previous series and the animated movie kind of a moot point. The serial format be dropped and the stories were more episodic. They also added a Scrappy-Doo pet dragon named Gremlin who made art with his mouth-smoke. The second season was not so well received (and was not seen in some areas, due to being scheduled in the 12:30 time slot and thus often being pre-empted for sportsball coverage) and the program was cancelled shortly after its completion.
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Starting at 10:30 Saturday morning on NBC in 1981, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends debuted. It followed the adventures of Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar as they fought crime in New York while also occasionally I don't think I've ever met a person over the age of 30 who hasn't seen this show and has at least one favorite episode :) What most people *don't* know is that it was the animated world's first (and possibly only?) *sequel*.

It all started in 1978, with the DePatie-Freleng Studios (founded by two Warner Bros. Cartoons alumni, director/producer Friz Freleng and executive David H. DePatie) producing a few higher-quality Marvel Comics cartoons such as The New Fantastic Four and Spider-Woman (previous incarnations of Marvel characters in cartoon form had been somewhat pathetic in their animation). In 1980 they made a single season of a new Spider-Man cartoon for syndication that was VERY well received. SO WELL RECEIVED, in fact, that it inspired the buy-out of the animation department of DePatie-Freleng and renaming it to MARVEL PRODUCTIONS (the folks who were behind dang near every beloved cartoon of the 80's.

Recognize any of these?
  • Muppet Babies
  • Transformers
  • GI Joe
  • Jem
  • My Little Pony
  • Inhumanoids
  • Fraggle Rock (animated)
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • RoboCop: The Animated Series
  • Dino Riders
  • Defenders Of The Earth

It all started right here, with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends :) Often teaming with Sunbow Entertainment, these guys pretty much defined 1980's action/adventure animation!

So anywho, about it being a sequel. Unlike other cartoons that change the model sheets from season to season or from series to series in order to keep things unique (see the artistic and design evolution through animated Batman, Justice League, modern Spider-Man shows, etc) and copy-rightable as distinctly different properties, Marvel Productions used the existing model sheets and backgrounds from their syndicated Spider-Man cartoon and added just a few new characters.

This paid off BIG for Marvel Productions in 1984 when they decided to repackage the previous three seasons with the syndicated Spider-Man episodes, instead of making new episodes.

This show had many different incarnations over the course of the 80's, and each on will get their own entry in this community because they had a distinctly different opening title sequence for each one. In one way or another, Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends was on Saturday Morning TV all the way through 1986.
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The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour from Filmation has been mentioned here before, but for continuity sake let's bring it up again.

Filmation had a ton of 15-minute adventure cartoons featuring Tarzan that they kept running and re-running with various new cartoons all through the 1970's and well into the early 1980's. This show was officially called an "Adventure Hour", although it rarely went hast 30 minutes per scheduled episode. For 1980 and 1981, the Tarzan cartoons were packaged with brand new Lone Ranger and Zorro cartoons as part of a bait-n-switch scam that I've never ever forgiven them for; I'd tune in hoping to see a new Lone Ranger cartoon and ALWAYS get an episode of either Tarzan and Zorro, or just a double-dose of Tarzan re-runs :(

They are why I have trust issues.
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THE TOM & JERRY COMEDY SHOW - If you tuned in to your local CBS affiliate at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday in 1980, you would have witnessed this cartoon. Mercifully, there was only one season of this particular Tom & Jerry cartoon. Much like the Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jekyl cartoons of this age, this was a modern attempt to make new cartoons with classic characters while following the guidelines presented by Concerned Parent Groups. Gone were the wacky slapstick violent antics and instead we had a series of situational comedies. Just dreadful :( This show technically had two seasons, but the second season was nothing but reruns.


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