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Gilligan's Planet was produced by the Filmation animation studio and MGM/UA Television which aired during the 1982-1983 season on CBS. It was the last cartoon series that Filmation produced specifically for Saturday mornings.

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Gilligan's Planet was on your local CBS affiliate at 10:30 in 1982 (and at Noon in the Spring of 1983) that featured nearly the entire cast of the original 1964 sit-com "Gilligan's Island", the only exception being Tina "Ginger" Louise, who even after nearly 20 year was still upset at having been "tricked" in to taking the roll on the original show (luckily, Dawn "Mary-Ann" Wells was able to fill in and provide the voices for both roles).

Much like the original Gilligan' Island theme song had done, the intro to this cartoon summed up the entire back-story and plot in one compact snippet. They're castaways on an island, they build a rocket, they're now stranded in space.

Produced by Filmation (in conjunction with MGM/United Artists), Gilligan's Planet was the last cartoon series that Filmation produced for Saturday mornings. After this point, it's all syndicated stuff. It was also the first Filmation series to feature the Lou Scheimer "signature" credit (as opposed to the rotating Lou Scheimer/Norm Prescott "wheel" credit which had been used since 1969).

And of course, it was directed by my close personal friend, Hal Sutherland (and by "Close Personal Friend", I mean "I bought an animation cell of Orco from him at a comic book convention and had him sign it for me")
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Gilligan's Planet is a very, very special cartoon to me. Not just because I loved the original Gilligan's Island tv show, but because it had a wacky concept which actually WORKED within the constrains of the established continuity for the characters. They could never build a boat to get off the island despite being able to build cars, plumbing, radios, bombs, housing and a food processing plant capable of producing refined white flour, sugar, eggs, pasteurized milk and all the other ingredients for a Coconut Cream Pie.

So of course, they built a SPACE SHIP. And successfully escaped the island, only to become stranded on an aline planet.


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