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I try not to go back to shows that ran for multiple seasons, preferring to focus only on the shows that premiered each year. But this... this deserves special mention. For this, the 985 season of The Smurfs, was the season that the Smurfs Jumped The Shark; the show started it's downward spiral here and never recovered.

The culprits, as is often the case with shows that Jump The Shark, was the inclusion of children and animals.

"The Smurflings" were a group of adult Smurfs who had been de-aged by Father Time's clock running backwards, and a little girl Smurf created the same way Smurfette had been made, only using less magical clay. Long story short - The Smurfs was now a show about dealing with these young Smurfs, rather than a show about the Smurfs themselves.

Also joining the cast this season was "Puppy", a thousand-year-old dog who remained young due to the magic locket he wears on his dog collar.
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1985 saw the introduction of THE SMURFLINGS to the cast of The Smurfs because EVERYTHING in the 80's needed a kid or baby version of it in order to be popular. Lucky for us, The Smurflings didn't entirely suck and actually added a new layer to the show that helped it prosper for years to come!

Leave a few kind words about The Smurflings here, and if you're really inclined you could even go vote for their first season in our Best of 1985 Poll!


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