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I'll be wrapping up Hal Sutherland Week with this simple poll, I swear! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled 1980's Saturday Morning Memories & Reviews come Monday,but for now... the man deserves tribute. SO our poll today is all about those cartoons of his that were in heavy circulation in the 80's! Please note that I *know* Star Trek, Waldo Kitty and Fat Albert are technically 70's cartoons, but they all had heavy circulation in the 80's so I'll allow it - Filamtion DC Super Hero stuff, however, had extremely limited distribution in the 80's due to the Super Friends owning that at the time...

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WELCOME TO THE 1980'S SATURDAY MORNING HISTORICAL REENACTMENT SOCIETY WATCH-ALONG-EVE! Tomorrow morning, bright-n-early (7am here in Seattle, 10am in New York) DOZENS of us will be tuning in to the Livestream channel and attempting to recreate an actual 1980's Saturday Morning! WOOOOO!!!

[livejournal.com profile] aurora77 (The DJ Jazzy Jeff of this whole shebang) has an incredible line-up planned for us that I'd really like to keep secret till the last possible minute, but I'll give you a hint - it's gonna go a little more "old-skool" than previous watch-alongs. This stuff is the cream of the crop! The GIANTS of Saturday Mornings on the shoulders of which our entire Society is riding upon! I am legit EXCITED about some of the titles she's told me about!

Today I'll be poppng in and out with tons of polls and videos to whet your collective appetites, so let's start with the simplest poll of all:
[Poll #1934822]
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Our last Hype Poll showed some pretty promising results! Despite our ages being ALL OVER THE PLACE, it was agreed that the "Golden Age" of 1980's cartoons was in fact the 1985 - 1986 season! That's awesome!

Today, in preparation for our next Watch-Along (which is THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 AT 7AM), let's talk about one of the hidden benefits of adolescent developmental television binging - The ability to Multitask!

It is my belief that our secondary viewing habits of our childhoods developed the enviable ability to perform multiple tasks at once.
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So about this poll (because everyone loves a good poll), this is building on a theory that I've heard bandied about at comic cons and the likes for YEARS now - that the "Golden Age" of most things you love happened when you were approximately 12 years old. And what exactly does "Golden Age" mean? It's when things were better than they had ever been before AND better than they ever will be again.

EXAMPLE: I think that the comic books of 1983-1986 were THE BEST ever made - not corny like they had been in the past, not grim-n-gritty like they became shortly after that. To me, the Golden Age of comics were right around 1985 which, coincidentally enough, was when I was right around 12 years old. EVERYTHING was better then - Happy Meal Toys were the best ever, Cartoons were the best ever, Toys were the best ever - it never was and never will be as good as it was in '85.

But if you ask my older brother, he'd swear that the stuff *I* loved was garbage because the TRUE golden age was right around 1976 (when HE was 12), and he'd have plenty of evidence to back up that claim. And as for my Dad? Well everything started going down-hill once they stopped publishing Captain Marvel comics in 1953 (you'll never guess how old he was then).

And so in regards to our Saturday Mornings of the 1980's, It's got me wondering...

[Poll #1934399]

Remember to please be as honest in your answers as possible... this is for SCIENCE!
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Thundarr & Friends really enjoy a good watch-along

Remember how I lways told you folks that you'd know when the next 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Reenactment Society Live-Stream Watch-Along was coming because I'd give you a solid week of non-stop Spam Posts about how the next 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Reenactment Society Live-Stream Watch-Along was coming up?

Well guess what?


Starting at 7am (West Coast, 10am East Coast) and going till a bit past noon, it'll be an entire Saturday Morning Experience full of vintage cartoons, commercials and chatting with your fellow 1980's SMHRS members about your memories and observances! It'll also be an excellent excuse to stay in your jammies all day eating sugary cereal and playing with your Legos :)

We do this through Livestream.com so you should probably go set up an account there *now* for watching and chatting along with us; we'll post the link for our channel once we're closer to the actual day of the event. We chose Livestream.com because it allows us all to be at approximately the same spot in the broadcast (biggest lag between watchers we've seen so far was about 10 second), has an integrated chat client, is available Internationally and (supposedly) works on ios and Android devices WOO!!!

Now, regarding that super-cute image of Thundarr & Friends sitting on the couch watching Saturday Morning Cartoons together... anybody interested in having that on a T-Shirt? Weighing my options here, it would be somewhere around $25 per shirt if I did it through one of those Print-On-Demand websites like Cafe Press, but if I had an order for 50 or more I could get them made locally for around $15, keeping it under $20 shipped PLUS I would then have extra shirts to sell at conventions and/or give away in contests we hold in this community... what say you?
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NOW look what you've done... you've made Skeletor ANGRY!

We put this off as long as we could in hopes that the tie would break itself... Skeletor and I didn't want it to have to come down to this, but in our last Friday Poll THERE WAS A FOUR-WAY TIE!!!

We simply can't leave it hanging like that, and so I have decided that THIS WEEK, it's a Battle Royale between those Top Four Cartoons of 1984 because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

[Poll #1932818]

Also, I'd like to ask that you all do your darndest to pimp our next 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Reenactment Society Watch-Along on Saturday, September 21st (TWO WEEKS!!!) so we can have our biggest watch-along ever! You MUST know somebody who would like to watch cartoons with us on Saturday morning, don't you? Bring 'em along! It's FREE, and we promise that it won't get preempted by College Football or Golf :)
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Just a quick poll for Friday, since I'm still nursing my daughter back to health after having her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday (OUCH), but I had this poll half-way created before I stopped so why not post it?

Due to a 2-way tie for second place in our last Friday Poll which was to determine the Best Cartoon in the 1981 NBC Saturday Morning Line-Up, we'll have an odd number of entrants in determining this poll:
[Poll #1928406]

Remember that if you don't actually have any memories of watching any of these shows you can feel free to vote for the one you think sounds the awesomest :)
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In our LAST Official Friday Poll, it was decided once again that the BEST thing on the CBS Saturday Morning Line-Up for 1981 was The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Show. That show is UNSTOPPABLE!

This week, we turn our attention to the Saturday Morning line-up of 1981 as presented on your local NBC affiliate.

[Poll #1926077]
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The winds of change, they are a-blowin'! LiveStream.com has recently changed their free account policy to allow commercial-free, interruption-free streaming of live events, and we are currently testing the waters to see just how effective of a tool this could be for our Recreation Watch-Alongs! No more "SYNC!" in the chat! No more dodging YouTube policies and copyright take-downs! THIS COULD BE BIG! But I *think* it would require everybody watching along to register for a free LiveStream account...

Also, completely unrelated but just happened to coincide with the timing here - anyone interested in a Saturday Morning Historical Recreation Society store? Original T-shirts, vintage 80's cartoon merchandise, etc?


[Poll #1924779]
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In last week's Friday Poll, it was decided that the best thing on ABC Saturday Morning in 1981 was Super Friends, followed closely by Thundarr The Barbarian which is good, since [livejournal.com profile] the_gneech probably would have left a fairly massive rant if Thundarr hadn't come in at least second place :)

Folks, I don't mean to insinuate that y'all are getting predictable or anything, but this is EXACTLY the same way the vote ended for the 1980 ABC line-up!

This week we delve further in to Saturday Morning of 1981 with CBS!

[Poll #1923819]
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Last week it was decided thast CBS Television had the best Saturday Morning Line-Up of 1980, due in no small part to that perenial favorite "The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Show". Will they be able to retain that title through this next round of Friday Polls where we discover who was the best of 1981? Only time will tell...

[Poll #1922678]
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In our last Friday poll, it was decided that The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Show was the absolute best thing on your Saturday morning TV in 1980. Shockingly, Thundarr The Barbarian came in second place while The Daffy Duck Show (which had ben voted as The Best Thing On NBC in 1980) recieved *zero votes*. Numbers are weird sometimes :/

And so we come to THE LAST 1980 POLL!

[Poll #1921386]

When voting, try to think of which one of these channels you would be okay with just leaving on ALL DAY LONG. Like, let' say your TV i broken and it only gets one of these channels - which channel do you hope you're tuned in to?
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Last week you all voted the first season of The Daffy Duck Show as the best thing in the NBC Saturday Morning Line-Up over a pretty impressive list of contenders such as The Flintstones, Godzilla and even BATMAN!

Today is an ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN to determine which cartoon of 1980 wa the BEST. To make things even more difficult and/or fair, I've also included the runner-up from each network so the votes can be more evenly spread. And please remember... this is for *SCIENCE*!
[Poll #1920224]
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Last week it was overwhelmingly decided by the members of this community that The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Show was the bet thing on CBS Saturday Morning in 1980, with Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids coming in a distant second. I was saddened to see that my beloved Drak Pack cam in at a three-way tie for third with the likes of The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show and The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckyl. There's something wrong with you people... terribly, terribly wrong :(

SO! ONWARD AND UPWARD! This week's Friday Poll:
[Poll #1919129]


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