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GREETINGS 1980'S SATURDAY MORNING ENTHUSIASTS!!! I know, it's been a long time and I'm sorry for that, things are crazy in my life right now in a bad, time-consuming, life-changing, universe-spanning, Doctor-regenerating way and I just haven't had ANY tme to dedicate to our little group :(


Perennial 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Recreation Society favorite DUNGEONS & DRAGONS THE COMPLETE SERIES is on sale at Amazon.com for just FIVE DOLLARS!!!

This is the "First Release" that the studio is trying to clear out - JUST THE EPISODES. All 27 original episodes, no extras, no bells, no whistles, no inserts, no D&D module to play at home, JUST CARTOONS.

Despite the lack of bonus features and extras, this is an excellent set to own that will soon have a bit of historical value - it's the only edition that has all the original music (CITATION NEEDED - have not confirmed this personally, but I know that several previous releases of the series have a different musical score because rights could not be obtained).

Go and buy a few copies while they're still available! FIVE BUCKS! That's like TWENTY CENTS PER EPISODE!!!

Time for me to finally upgrade from my VHS copies I guess :)
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Here's a link to Mark Evanier's blog where he reflects on his involvement with the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and the Garfield & Friends Cartoon which marked their 30th and 25th anniversaries yesterday. It's a quick read and pretty informative!

Mark Evanier is the guy who wrote (among other things relevant to our interests) the pilot episode, another episode and the "Series Bible" for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, as well as the vast majority of all the Garfield cartoons you've ever seen :)
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CLICK HERE TO JOIN US LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! Remember, this is our first time using the LiveStream service, so be sure to give us plenty of feedback! You'll probably have to sign up for a LiveStream account, so be prepared. I did the "Log In Using Facebook" option and had no problems, so HOORAY there's a use for Facebook!

If you're having problems of any kind and can't get through to us on the LiveStream chat, feel free to leave a comment here or on any of today's watch-along posts, I'll be checking on a regular basis throughout the day.

See you there :)
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The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon that debuted at 9:30 on CBS in 1983 was a historically significant milestone for Saturday Mornings on many levels, and I hope I can keep my thoughts collected/organized enough to convey the importance of this cartoon to you.

First of all, it was a milestone for the team at Marvel Productions. Since their inception just over a year ago, their cartoons fell in to two categories - Marvel Super Heroes, and Hanna-Barbera Rejects. When they made animation for established Marvel super-hero properties it was a huge hit, but when they tried to make original stuff like the other big names of Saturday Mornings we got forgettable stuff like "Pandamonium" and "Spaghetti & Meatballs". Dungeons & Dragons was their first non-comics property to become a HIT, consistently winning in the ratings for it's time slot for its first two seasons against shows such as Pac-Man and The Smurfs!

Second, it was a milestone in Voice Acting. This show had a star-studded cast full of folks who were actually on prime-time television shows at the time! Willy Ames from "Charles In Charge" (as well as movies and other TV shows at the time), Donny Most ("Ralph Mouf" from Happy Days) and Adam Rich (from "Eight Is Enough"), all considered to be "real actors", provided lead character voices for this show (Hank, Eric and Presto). Unlike other celebrity voice acting in cartoons, this was a real novelty to have professional actors providing voices for characters that they didn't already play on another show - the cast from Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy provided the voices for their animated counterparts, but never for original characters like this.

Third, it was the first (and as far as I have been able to tell, the ONLY) cartoon that the National Coalition on Television Violence (BOOO! HISS!) demanded that the FTC run a warning during each broadcast stating that "Dungeons & Dragons had been linked to real-life violent deaths". Their demand was ignored, but it had the effect of many scripts never even making it to the storyboard stage. As a result, the orders for new episodes each season kept dwindling - 13 episodes the first season, 8 for the second season, 6 for the third season. Basically, they starved the audience away :(

Fourth, this show had one of the best legends of all the Saturday Morning Cartoons, namely a fabled FINAL EPISODE that never aired but many kids SWORE they had seen it. The final un-produced episode would have revealed that the latter is Dungeon Master's corrupted son, and would have explained that the children were brought into the realm to help redeem Venger and restore balance. Want to read it? It's right here AND they even made an audio play of it for the deluxe DVD release of the full series so go pick that up if you're interested!
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Oh, I still love this cartoon, even if it's a bit dated now. I don't really 'do' rides, but that has nothing to do with the consequences of taking this one..
As I mentioned in a previous comment, Sheila the rogue is one of those heroines I wanted to be. Invisibility is definitely a great skill to have! I always thought something would happen between her and Hank, but - as I'm sure you know - this cartoon never made it to its final episode. It's a shame, but it also adds to the legend!

To me, the most memorable episodes have always been 'The Eye of the Beholder' and 'Child of the Stargazer' (I do own the box set these days though).

And if you care for some trivia, Sheila was voiced by Katie Leigh, who also voiced Sunni Gummi in Gummi Bears and Rowlf in Muppet Babies.

I also had the theme tune as my ringtone for a while. <3


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